nursing informatics
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Communication Devices
Communication devices, such as a smartphone, used by nurses in the workplace can be their own personal device or one that is distributed by their hospital which is integrated with the clinical information system.
Discuss the impact of smartphones on patient care. What are the positive and/or negative aspects of nurses using smartphones in the clinical setting.
How can the use of a smartphone support evidence-based practice? Provide examples.
Please share how you use your smartphone to support your nursing practice to provide safe care and improved outcomes.
Consider nurses who post patient information, photos of patients, or discuss interesting patient cases on social media. Research the most current HIPAA guidelines regarding social media related to nurses and explain. Include the current policies and violation penalties.
Identify the ethical and legal implications of smartphone usage by healthcare providers in the clinical setting.
Include reference from the ANA Guide to the Code of Ethics assigned reading to support your discussion.

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