NOVA Designing a Program using JOptionPane Program File

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This week’s lesson is all about iteration.

Step 1: Review W3schools While loop section. Read/Review Chapter 5 in the course textbook

Step 2: Watch the lesson 3 video:

Step 3: Complete the IIPO, Design in Raptor and Implement in Java using the JOptionPane class for input and output for the two problems below:

Problem 1: create a program that allows the user to enter two numbers (numerator and denominator) and does not accept the value of 0 for the denominator. The program should display an error message and prompt the user to enter the value again. The output of the program is the quotient.

Problem 2: Display the numbers from 1 to 100; display only the even numbers;

Challenge: display only the numbers evenly divisible by a user-entered number between 1 and 100. For example, if the user enters a 3 then the program should display 3, 6, 9, 12, …up to 99

Task: Submit a complete lesson report. This should include a summary of the main concepts in the video, a raptor flowchart, IIPO, and Java solution for both problems using the lesson report template provided on the main Moodle page.

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