Northwestern Michigan College Secret Success of Nonproliferation Sanctions Essay

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I have attached an article called the Secret Success of Nonproliferation Sanctions please read it and critique it (3 PAGES DOUBLE SPACE)

  1. The literature critique can be organized as follows:
    1. Description of the work: main argument; building blocks of the argument; make sure you have a statement summarizing what the piece is about on the first page.
    2. Methodology (how the author achieved his/her stated goals): Did the author present historical, statistical, anecdotal evidence to support his/her argument? Was the evidence sufficient? Did it address the argument? Was the evidence presented in a sequential and logical manner? Was the argument presented in a clear fashion?
    3. Organization of the material and sources: Is the material easy to follow? Does it make a compelling case? Are the sources reliable? Are they biased (i.e. reflecting only one side of the argument)?
    1. Personal critical evaluation: Has the author achieved his/her goal? Is the material a contribution to the field? What could the author have done to improve the piece under review? Strengths, weaknesses and limitations of main argument? PLEASE END THE PAPER WITH A SOLID CLEAR LOGIC CONCLUSION

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