Northern Virginia Community College Sum and Difference Java Program Project

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Implement Fundamental Concepts Using Java

Before beginning Week 2 please watch this explanation and example Task 1 report and IIPO explanation. Please follow this for the rest of the course. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Learn about the Java Language API by watching (note: This video is a little bit dated but I really like the short video):

The updated link he refers to can be found here:

Watch this week’s video. Note: Audio may be a little low and you may need to use headphones or speakers. I will make sure future videos have better sound quality.

Write a Java program:

a) Use your VM and IDE for Java Development

b) Create a program that given two numbers, calculates and displays the sum and difference of those two numbers.

Submit a task report using the provided template. Address any challenges and successes you had with creating this initial Java program. Include a screenshot of code and output.

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