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This week’s task is all about selection.

Step 1: Review W3Schools Java Booleans and Java If/else sections. Read/Review Chapter 5 in the course textbook

Step 2: Watch the task 2 Video here:

Step 3: Design in Raptor and Implement in Java using the JOptionPane class for input and output for the two problems below:

Problem 1: Calculate the monthly cost of insurance based on the user’s age they input to the program given the annual cost. age>50, annualCost=age*10. For age<50, annualCost=age*2.5. Do you see anything wrong with this problem statement?

Problem 2 (I will do this problem in this week’s zoom session): Smallest Number game. The user enters three numbers. The program should display the smallest number of the three numbers.

Task: Submit a complete task report. This should include a summary of the main concepts in the video, complete an IIPO for each problem, a raptor flowchart for each problem, and the Java solution for both problems using the task report template provided on the main Moodle page.

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