Northern Virginia Community College IIPO and Flowchart Programming Project

Question Description

1)Using the Netbeans IDE and Java, solve the following problems from week 1 lesson:

1) Ask user to enter their name and the year they were born. Display a message using their name and telling them how old they will be this year.

2) Given the width and length of a rectangle, calculate the area and perimeter of the rectangle.

Assessment: Submit your Lesson report. There is no need to do another IIPO and flowchart.


Bonus Challenge: In the first problem, Did you hardcode the year 2020 into your problem? There is a way to make this program work for any year a person runs the program. No, you can not ask the user what year it is.

Most of you used an age calculation of:

How about we figure out a way via Java’s APIs to find the currentYear, so the equation becomes:


Good luck. You may use any reference (google, Java API, etc) but no other person or message board.

Prof. Angela


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