Need Help With The Following Questions Please Include References Thks Chp 14 Q

need help with the following questions: Please include references. thks

Chp. 14

Q- 10

10. What would you look for to justify a price/book value ratio of 3.0? What would you

expect to be the characteristics of a firm with a P/BV ratio of 0.6?


You are told that a growth company has a P/E ratio of 13 times and a growth rate of

15 percent compared to the aggregate market, which has a growth rate of 8 percent

and a P/E ratio of 16 times. What does this comparison imply regarding the growth

company? What else do you need to know to properly compare the growth company

to the aggregate market?

Chp. 15


What is the purpose of computing a moving-average line for a stock? Describe a bullish

pattern using a 50-day moving-average line and the stock volume of trading. Discuss

why this pattern is considered bullish.


 Assuming a stock price and volume chart that also contains a 50-day and a 200-day MA

line, describe a bearish pattern with the two MA lines and discuss why it is bearish.

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