Need Help With The Following Problem For C A You Are In Charge Of The Party Plan

Need help with the following problem for C++

[A] You are in charge of the party planning committee in your office. You decide that to make things easier, 

you’ll have one party each month for all the employees that have a birthday in that month. Write a program

that takes the number of birtdays in each month as inputs and store them into an array. You also want to

know how much the party each month will cost. You know that it costs $12.00 per birthday person to throw

that month’s party, as well as a base cost of $7.00 (which is only paid if there is at least one birthday).

Write a function monthlyCost() that takes the month and your array as an input and returns how much that 

month’s party will cost. 

rrays to functions) Display the expected cost of each month’s party.

Number of birthdays:

Jan 1

Feb 3

Mar 2

Apr 5

May 2

Jun 0

Jul 1

Aug 1

Sep 0

Oct 3

Nov 2

Dec 2

Monthy Cost:

Jan $19.00

Feb $43.00

Mar $31.00

Apr $67.00

May $31.00

Jun $0.00

Jul $19.00

Aug $19.00

Sep $0.00

Oct $43.00

Nov $31.00

Dec $31.00


#include<iostream>using namespace std;void Monthly_cost(string mon,int count,int *Total_cost){int i, base_cost = 7, each_cost = 12;cout<<"Monthly Costs:…

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