Need Help With My Writing Homework On Why Is Stress Such A Major Concern For Emp

Need help with my writing homework on Why is stress such a major concern for employers today. Write a 1000 word paper answering; People, who can take it as an opportunity or challenge, can improve their performances and make a mark. The different factors that cause stress are known as stressors.

The environmental stressors include economic, political and technological changes. Organisational structure is always influenced by economic environment of the country and this has been more closely realised in the current global financial turmoil. Because of economic slowdown in most of the developed nations, organisations have been forced to change their structure in the form of cost reduction, halting production and most importantly reducing employee strength by lay off or even permanent job cuts. This has created immense stress on employees. Their anxiousness gone to extreme high as their job security declined.

Organisations are often forced to change their structure because of various political reasons. When a country is politically restless, organisational structure also becomes unstable because of that. For an instance, when East Germany integrated to West Germany many people were under stress of loosing job, changing organisational culture etc.

Another important environmental factor is technological change. In this advanced age of information, everyday a new technology is getting invented. Because of these new technological inventions, an employee’s skill or experience might become obsolete at a very short period of time. Consequently, a person might come under huge stress of loosing importance in the current system of operation. Some times implementation of new technology in organisation leads to even reduction in number of employees if few of them found not suited for that new platform. These things make employees to come under huge mental stress.

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