Need Help With My Writing Homework On City In Europe Write A 1750 Word Paper Ans

Need help with my writing homework on City in Europe. Write a 1750 word paper answering; Another inspiring memorial collection is the catalogue of the Wall postcards2. The theme is present even in popular movies such as Good Bye Lenin!: in one of the episodes, the protagonist tries to find “these exact Soviet cucumbers” for his mother who lives in her memories about GDR3. This trend of missing the atmosphere of Eastern Germany has acquired a common name ‘Ostalgia’ that has also been the name of the exhibition of “the work of more than fifty artists from twenty countries across Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Republics”4 once. It is difficult to ignore such conspicuous numbers of artifacts.

What, then, is witnessed by all these silent bricks and gloomy postcards? The fall of the Berlin Wall was not merely a local event: it marked a significant transition in the world history. Before the analysis of the wall’s significance, it is important to describe how everything happened.

With the ‘Ostalgic’ sentiment for small and beautiful things in mind, it might be surprising how fierce Berliners once attacked the wall. In November of 1989, when the checkpoints of the borderline were opened, people started climbing the wall from both east and west sides, often behaving violently: they threw the stones and bottles on the wall’s guards, cried out, and smashed the wall with sledgehammers and jackhammers5. At the same time, the atmosphere was cheerful, with street art, jokes, and family reunions6. The overall impression of the event is aptly described by Taylor: “It will be followed by the biggest, wildest street party the world has ever seen”7. All the sources list November 9-10, 1989, as the date of the wall falling: however, technically, this was not true. As one of the reporters of the time observed, “Physically the Berlin wall still stands. But its capacity to divide a country and a Continent seems at an end”8.

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