Need Help With My Writing Homework On Characteristics Of Stereotypes About Germa

Need help with my writing homework on Characteristics of Stereotypes About German. Write a 250 word paper answering; This punctuality is what makes German business so profound around the globe.

It is believed that Germans speak English very frequently. They are also believed to be having an awesome sense of humor. One usually comes across more German jokes than English or American jokes. Germans love to laugh over things that other cultures may not think as laughable. The German sense of humor is also appreciated because joke-telling in such a rigid language as German is quite hard.

Comparison with Arabian Culture

Some of these stereotypes are similar to Arabian values while others are not. Arabians do not have blue eyes nor they are blonde-haired. instead, they have tanned complexion and mostly black hair. Arabians are punctual and speak good English but these are not stereotypes with them, unlike Germans who are well known for their punctuality. Arabians are also not popular because of their sense of humor while Germans are.

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