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Need help with my writing homework on Analysis of Farid ad-Din Attars Memorial of God’s Friends. Write a 1000 word paper answering; The author points out that the situation was made simpler by the fact that religious leaders believed that they had a true calling to their position (Aṭṭār 63). Nevertheless, this did not alter the verity that Munafiqs were among the believers. For this reason, the judgment of the spirituality of a Muslim was done in regards to their actions and contributions to the religion rather than just their religious affiliation. Additionally, the judgment was done in regards to the teaching by prophet Mohamed. One of the true prophets of the Islam religion was Hasan of Basra. He was a spiritual instructor, leader and a critique to the government. In the ancient Muslim writings, Hasan of Basra is described as an iconic religious leader whose influence in the religion was important and the effects are still significant in the modern day Islam religion. This paper will analyze the life of Hasan of Basra and his impact in the Islam religion. Additionally, the paper will also include the teachings of the religious leader and their meanings in regards to society now and his society. Hassan of Basra was born nine years after the death of Prophet Muhammad. He was born in Basra and brought up in the house of Umm Salma. During his raisin, he is said to meet many religious figures of his time including the seventy warriors in the battle of Badr (Aṭṭār 44). From this point, he was viewed as a religious figure as people thought he was chosen by God. Hassan of Basra believed that enemies of the Islamic religion were not the greatest enemies of attaining a pure religion. One more than one occasion, he pointed out that munafiqs are the greatest enemy to religion progress. This belief was based on the assumption that there other religions apart from Islam and a person’s life was dictated by the deity they worship. Regardless of the region, a man embraces, their behavior should reflect integrity and not sinful.&nbsp.

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