Need Help With My Writing Homework On A Virtual World Write A 250 Word Paper Ans

Need help with my writing homework on A Virtual World. Write a 250 word paper answering;

The social media tops the list of virtual applications currently clouding the minds of today’s generation. Currently, 91% of Americans are considered internet savvy. (Chidambaram, Lakshmanan and Zigurs 116) They spend most of their time browsing social media. This trend has been found very worrying by pundits who claim that the habitual presence in the social media limits productivity by a significant ratio, a trend that must be urgently be contained. (Mendelson 118)

It is true the social media has revolutionized the lifestyle of humanity for the better, but it has significantly “killed productivity” Too. Researchers have proven that the long hours spent in social media can be significantly channelled elsewhere for production, a fact I concur with. Employers grapple with lost time and workmanship in the virtual world. Those who spend a lot of time in social media have been touted as lacking originality creativity since most of their time is in the virtual world.

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