Need Help Please On Below Assignment A Sample Assignment Would Be Great For Refe

Need help please on below assignment, a sample assignment would be great for reference. thanks

Your HR Director is to present a report to the executive team that puts forward a positive business case for introducing high performance working practices into the organisation. She has asked you to provide her with an evidence-based written brief. You will need to make reference to academic research and literature in your brief.

In the first section you should briefly address the concepts of HPW and HPWO and provide:

·        A brief analysis of the concept and components of HPW, e.g leadership, employee reward, organisation development, etc. (AC 1.2)

·        A brief evaluation of the link between HPW and sustained organisation performance, employee well-being and competitive advantage. In your evaluation you should address the link between HPW processes and cultural change. (AC 1.2)

·        An identification of some of the main barriers too HPW. (AC 1.3)

In the next section of your brief you should address performance management. You should:

·        Summarise the main stages of the performance management cycle and the role of development and performance reviews. (AC 2.1)

·        Give some examples of different ways of involving line managers in the performance review process. (AC 2.2)

·        Provide a brief evaluation of the contribution of the performance management process to promoting challenge, building capability and recognising and rewarding talent. You should refer to key principles such as fairness, equity, etc. (AC 2.3)

In the final section of your report you should give summary of how to sustain a culture of HPW and:

·        Recommend some of the ways of building trust, enthusiasm and commitment in support of a high-performance culture. (AC 3.1)

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