Need Help Please Help Me I Need Help Choosing A Topic Any Example How To Identif

Need help please help me…I need help choosing a topic any example…..

How to Identify a Research Topic?

A research topic is a subject about which you are curious, and a subject you are eager to investigate to develop greater knowledge. Published criminal justice and criminology research is a valuable resource for identifying topics of interest. Available data are an excellent resource for identifying research topics. You can also use a theory, personal experiences, watch the news, etc to begin to identify a topic.

Identify the Purpose/Goal of Research

Once your research topic is identified, work toward taking a very broad and general topic and narrowing it down. The goal is to shape it into a feasible research question.

Gathering More Information and Refining the Topic

After selecting a topic, it is next necessary to narrow, or focus, the topic. Narrowing or focusing the topic requires you to gather more information about the topic and purpose selected.

How to Construct the Research Question?

Once you have the information and identified the purpose of your research, you will need to develop the focused research question that will guide your research. You need to construct a formal research statement or research question that identifies the purpose and the narrowed topic. It guides every step in your research.

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