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my wallet was left in rental car and it had 200.00 in wallet. I was able to get wallet back this morning but money was gone so employee stole money and only left a credit card in wallet 
see below letter and fix and enhance :
Dear Alamo,
My experience renting a car from your company has always been a good one however with my latest rental return it has become very frustrating and the customer service level has been so poor that I am compelled to write this letter.
The trouble started when returned my rental ( RA # 766828253). Once I returned the car I noticed I left my wallet in the car. So once I returned home I filled out a report online for my wallet. Since the lost and found department is only open 8:00-5:00pm I returned this morning and asked a customer service agent If my wallet had been found. It took at least a hour before they were able to locate my wallet. The good news my wallet was found. The bad news is my money was missing (50 Dollar bill, 20’s and 1’s which add up to added up to 200.00). The rep only said “SORRY” this is very disturbing that you have employees who are not honest or have integrity. If my wallet was turned in who was the employee who turned in my wallet? Who cleaned the car? I need answers! I will be filing a police report and also filing a complaint with The Business Better Bereau because this is not acceptable. I have been a long time renter with Alamo and I have never had any issues like this. I’m requesting this to be investigated ( Cameras/video footage) I’m also requesting due to my issue I be fully refunded for my entire car rental also at 2-3 days for free for car rental.  
Additionally, I urge your company to review its internal practices. If you have employees who will steal from customers I’m sure they will do the same to you as a company! I demand for this to be rectified.

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