Need Assistance With Visual Basic 2010 Express Modify The Lucky Seven Game To Pr

Need assistance with Visual Basic 2010 Express.Modify the Lucky Seven game to present the user with a video poker hand (5 card). While you do not have to present graphics for the 5 cards, you may wish to change the main screen graphic to something of your own design. For the cards, each card can be any available from a standard deck of cards. Once a card is used, it cannot be used again in that hand (example: you draw the Jack of Hearts; you cannot draw that same card again). When all 5 cards are shown on screen, allow the user to discard and draw new cards once (up to all 5 cards at a time, but only allow them to change the cards once). Inform the user of their result in a dialog box (example: 3 of a kind or 2 pairs, etc.). After the user clears the result, allow the user to draw a hand again or exit the program.

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