Need An Argumentative Essay On Snakebites Needs To Be 1 Pages Please No Plagiari

Need an argumentative essay on Snakebites. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The use of these anti-venoms has become an effective cure for the infected body and these anti-venoms enable the victims to get back to life within 4-5 hours of the attack by minimizing effect of the poison. This method has proved to be quite successful in minimizing the death of people who suffer from this fatality (Shorter, 1999). In fact, the number of deaths occurring from snakebites has now become almost rare. These anti-venoms go through many processes, such as purification process to ensure their effectiveness. Even then, they may contain certain serums and proteins, which tend to have a reverse reaction on a person that is the reason of extreme supervision required during this method. There are several kinds of snakes’ anti-venoms present globally. Some of them are the “Tiger snake, Brown snake, Taipan, Black snake, Death adder, Sea snakes, etc” (Shorter, 1999). The proper supervision of these anti-venoms helps keep a check on the patient and prevent the poison from completely spreading in the body. If the attacking snake is properly identifiable, it makes it easier for the experts to treat the poison accordingly, and it also make it easier for the patient to recover depending on intensity of the bite.

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