Need An Argumentative Essay On Relevance And Applicability Of Health Promotion S

Need an argumentative essay on Relevance and Applicability of Health Promotion Skills. Needs to be 13 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The core elements of the skill shall also be described in this paper. The salient characteristics of the context – values, a context of the setting, characteristics of the community or population being served as well as health issues prevalent in the population shall also be discussed. Finally, this paper shall justify why the needs assessment skill was chosen as the most appropriate. the most relevant and applicable skill for health promotion.

This skill was chosen because it is the basic foundation and basis for diagnosis and subsequent treatment that any patient will receive in the hands of the health care team. This skill was chosen because this is where health care begins. Possessing the right technique and skill in assessing the needs of the population is important because it will direct the health care team in its development of a health care plan. A wrong and improper needs assessment may lead to wrong goals and improper allocation of limited resources. It is vital for health care professionals and concerned authorities to possess the skills needed to conduct a thorough and accurate assessment of the population. Needs assessment accurately and comprehensively done can reveal details about the population and their environment. And these details may impact on their welfare and on the delivery of their health services. I believe that needs assessment is relevant because sometimes health professionals do not enhance or develop this skill as much as the other skills in health promotion. This often leads to improper and inadequate needs assessment. By assessing the needs of the population, we can determine the kind of life the community has already lived and later on use this information to determine which health needs should be prioritized.

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