Need An Argumentative Essay On Production And Marketing Functions Needs To Be 5

Need an argumentative essay on Production and marketing functions. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Production is a significant function in an organization as it is through it that inputs are converted in to finished products through a sequence of procedures. It requires efficiency in planning to ensure that inputs are available and converted in to finished products successfully. Production managers need to ensure a smooth flow in the work processes as well as enhance innovation and creativity among the employees. The marketing function on the other hand is significant in ensuring that an organization meets the needs of consumers. It involves investigating market needs, establishing suitable packaging strategy and ensuring that the products are made available to consumers where needed. Good marketing strategies increase the overall organizational productivity and competitiveness. Some of the conflicts between the marketing and production functions of an organization could be explained by the GAP analysis proposed by Slack.

Role of Production Function

Production function involves setting standards and objectives with regards to what is to be produced and the production process. Quality and quantity of output is closely observed to ensure that organizational targets are met. Lean manufacturing is an innovative strategy of the production function whereby wastage is minimized while maintaining quality in all the stages of the production process. Slack et al. (2006) pointed out several objectives of the production function from which an organization can prioritize on the few that are likely to help it accomplish a competitive advantage. One of the objectives is to minimize production costs while maximizing output, which is important in the pricing strategy whereby an organization can easily accomplish price leadership in the market.

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