Need An Argumentative Essay On Post 23 Needs To Be 2 Pages Please No Plagiarism

Need an argumentative essay on Post 23. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

It helps release the tension that is marked by the embarking of a writing process that one is nervous about. Free writing also helps improve formal writing and should be fun because nothing can be held against you.

The utility industry is set to get a reprieve after a new regulation that will allow upgrades without having to install anti-pollution equipment as is required by law right now. I would like to acknowledge the fact that Marianne Horinko signed a new regulation that will affect the fall in installation of costly anti-pollution equipment. According to Pianin, the nations dirtiest coal-fired power plants and refineries numbering in thousands shall be able to do so once the new regulation shall be signed next week by the Acting Environmental Protection Agency Administrator.

It is vital to note that previously, the industry players have been lobbying the government to waiver the current Clean Air Act enforcement program as they considered it expensive when carrying out upgrades. This point just shows that the people who have invested in this industry are more interested in making profits than actions and measures that would benefit the community. The said program led to the culmination of several state and federal lawsuits against a number of power plants that saw them comply through the installation of hundreds of millions of dollars of anti-pollution equipment. This means that over the years industrial polluters have been allowed to continue running their unmonitored businesses by state officials and congressional democrats who are meant to keep this habit in check.

Tamaki et al talks about SUV vandalism in various parts of the United States of America just as Shpritz does in their respective articles. The main theme can be summarized as SUV Vandalism by the radical Earth Liberation Front (ELF). The two articles refer to the underground environmental group ELF that has claimed responsibility over the attacks through

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