Need An Argumentative Essay On Observational Research Needs To Be 1 Pages Please

Need an argumentative essay on Observational Research. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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On the other hand, in non-participant observation, the role of the observer is limited to that of a spectator (DocShare, 2009). The components of observational research are a collaboration of several skills. These include listening skills, non-verbal behavior, conflict management, relationship management, creativity, critical thinking, communication and analysis skills. These components are needed so that the researcher can embark on a successful observation research project. The observational research process includes nine steps (DocShare, 2009). First, is to determine the research objectives, what the researcher wants to observe and his purpose. Second is the selection of the research subjects, i.e. the people to be observed. The third step is for the researcher to decide what field role he is going to adopt, whether a participant or non-participant. Gaining entry to the research field or going where the participants spend time is the fourth step. The fifth step is building rapport with the subjects to develop a reciprocal relationship and mutual trust. The next step is observing the phenomena of interest and recording the findings. The seventh step is exiting from the field of study.

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