Need An Argumentative Essay On Narrative Writing Needs To Be 3 Pages Please No P

Need an argumentative essay on Narrative Writing. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Broken houses and schools, gaping cracks in the land, blocked tracks with land slide and the stench of human flesh when you pass through an area, where there “used to be” a settlement, were the sights which had for the time being overpowered the beauty of the Nature. During John’s initial deployment, while driving through the area seeing dead bodies of men, women and children, half visible and half buried in the debris of the accommodation, which they once thought to protect them from the hazards of weather, were a common site. John could not realize the beauty of the area due to these gory sights for almost six months. Then he was provided with an assistant Akbar. He was a local lad. 30 years of age, 5 ft 7, thin built, fair complexion and a sea of wretchedness in his eyes. Eyes do really say a lot. It was as if there had also been an earth quake in the eyes of Akbar which demolished all the foundations on which the palace of hope of better life is built. John noticed that his eyes only sparkle when they suddenly starts getting wet, sometimes talking with him and at times just sitting beside him looking around when they were driving through the area. John was sure that Akbar was the one whose life had been permanently and irreversibly shaken by the earth quake almost a year back. John was not sure how many times he wanted to ask about the back ground of Akbar. There were many questions keep coming to his mind. Did Akbar lose his loved ones in the earthquake How he thinks about the life now How he is managing his shock Does he require help Was there any way John can help him Was there any way he can bring back the sparkle in his eyes which was a common thing in any one’s eyes who longs for life There seem to be thousands of more questions coming in the mind of John. All these questions keep on resonating in his mind, urging him to inquire, pressing him, teasing him and always making him feel as if his mind is occupied. Initially they come one by one, one question leading to another then another then another but soon their speed increase and they follow with such speed that John loose their comprehension and then they all merge into one big question “Should John ask Akbar about his past” Always there used to be two answers, one part of John saying “Yes” because Akbar was his partner and knowing his past was his moral obligation. The other part saying “No” as it will remind Akbar about his grief, increasing the dampness and quietness in his eyes and character. Which part to hear And which part was right Was not yet decided by John.

On 20 April 2007, John along with Akbar was moving in the area on a jeep. It had just stopped raining. Both were sitting quietly. John was driving and enjoying the local beauty, it seemed that entire area had taken a bath and was looking fresh and pompous. While moving on the track, on one side were the mountain and the other 20 feet down below a stream flowing. The noise of stream could be heard as soon as the rain stopped as if it was requesting the clouds to give more of its basic ingredient. Every now and then the rain starts pouring down heavily (as if fulfilling the request of stream) and making sound on the roof of the jeep to an extent that John and Akbar could not talk, if at all they tried. But Akbar was not at all interested in talking as always. Giving short and crisp answers to any inquiry made by John.

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