Need An Argumentative Essay On Money And Happiness Needs To Be 6 Pages Please No

Need an argumentative essay on Money and happiness. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Also, it has been observed that with an increase in the wealth of a state, the individual happiness hasn’t increased to the same extent. Thus, it may be concluded that happiness increases with the increase in wealth but not at the same rate. To further analyze the argument, the works of Kesebir, Easterlin and Lane will be studied so that logical conclusion can be deduced.

Kesebir (6) explores the rationale and logic behind happiness. that is how to find true happiness and what truly comprises of the notion of happiness. He is of the view that the idea of happiness has evolved over the years where it was equated with luck during the Homeric era, transformed to pleasure during the enlightenment era and can be equated with an act as little as owning a warm puppy in the contemporary era. However, the idea of happiness in its essence may not be as simple as that. In this context, over time contrasting views have been presented to explain what may constitute a happy life. Democritus argued that happiness is more of one`s state of mind, while Socrates and Plato disagree with this presumption and rather ought to give an objective meanings to happiness, i.e. virtue and goodness of life. On the other hand, the hellinistic view disregards virtue as a yardstick of happiness. In the enlightenment era, when a more secular shape was regarded to the concept of happiness, ideas like maximum utility and pleasure principal began over-shadowing the explanation to what may be called a happy life.

Though the philosophers in the field agree on the difficulty associated with the idea of understanding the true definition of happiness, they have come up with a few parameters which may help in explaining the concept. Kesebir (8) regards that these parameters include life satisfaction, satisfaction with significant domains of life, positive effect and lower levels of negative effect.

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