Need An Argumentative Essay On Final Examination Needs To Be 4 Pages Please No P

Need an argumentative essay on Final examination. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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The constitution, which was written by a group consisting various professionals ranging from teachers, lawyers, representatives, and other professionals, is the supreme law of the land that provides the country with a room to exercise a high sense of patriotism among US citizens with the constitution acting as an art of compromise (Vile 4). Importantly, the country has passed various legislation and ratified various treaties overtime that strengths the country’s governance structures and provide various rights to the citizens of the country. With regard to treaties, the most important treaty signed by the&nbsp.US& known as the Paris Treaty. In fact, this is the is the very document that ensured that we have the modern day USA since the treaty with the Great Britain, under the then leadership of King George III ended the Revolutionary War with the USA being recognized as an independent state by Europe and no longer a colony of the British (Ledson). Most importantly, the treaty was achieved after various American statesmen – popularly known as the Founding Fathers – and included Benjamin Franklin and John Adams (USA’s second president) engaged the British in the treaty some scholars describe as “exceedingly generous” to the USA with regard to the country’s territorial boundaries (Paterson, Clifford, and Maddock 20). Concerning the country’s political system, the country has experienced and continues to experience a vibrant political scene with various issues shaping policies adopted by various political parties. Most importantly, the two main political parties that control the direction of politics in the country are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Consequently, the country’s political support is almost divided down the middle with followers of the Republican Party known as Republicans while their Democratic Party counterparts are called the Democrats. Amongst the Republicans, Abraham Lincoln is the most recognized individual and party member due to the sweeping changes he brought to the country. As president, Lincoln adopted an abolitionists’ approach to ending slavery with his actions being against the Conservative wing of the Republican Party that adopted an anti-slavery stance (Foner, “The Fiery Trial” 86). This stance has endeared Lincoln to the American public making him one of the most revered leaders since he went against his party line. One of his major contributions was his opposition to the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1845 that sought to repeal the Missouri Compromise of 1820 that restricted slavery with the Act of 1845 providing powers to local settlers, instead of Congress, to determine the enactment of slavery in new states (Foner, “The Fiery Trial” 88). It is instructive to point out that President Lincoln set the agenda for abolishing slavery with his opposition to laws that entrenched slavery in the country, which highly contributed to his assassination. To drive his anti-slavery agenda, Lincoln used the provision in the country’s constitution that provide for the equality of all men before the supreme law, which was against what the president defined as Republicanism Principles (Foner, “The Fiery Trial” 86). The culture of the United States is as diverse as its history and its people.

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