Need A Project Reseach Paper On This Following Topic Must Be Apa Format Grumheed 1

Need a project reseach paper on this following topic must be APA format.

Grumheed Corporation Dallas/Fort Worth Facility

Advanced Dynamics is a one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of semiconductors for the United States Air Force. They are opening facilities in St. Louis and Seattle to manufacture parts for the F35 advanced fighter.  Since this company produces state-of-the-art military equipment, this new complex must have all possible security measures.  Each facility will have three levels (floors) with each floor having 20,000 square feet.

This is a list of requirements facility:

·         Controlled access to the building for everyone.

·         A lobby, conference area, and sales area that needs controlled access

·         A highly secure area for system designers

·         An extremely secure area to house the data center.

·         Secure transfer of archival data between Dallas and Boston

·         Secure access to the Internet for employees


1.      Present a detailed proposal of your recommendations for physical, technical and administrative security measures.

2.      In your proposal, please recommend categories of countermeasures and the associated risks that the countermeasures mitigate.

3.      You are not expected to recommend a specific brand/model of a countermeasure.

4.      Include a section detailing additional risks that have not been mitigated by your proposal.  

5.      Your proposal should be a minimum of 2,000 words and properly site all references.

6.      You should have at least 5 references with at least two being peer reviewed articles and must be citatied.

7.      Follow APA format.

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