NDSU Relationship Between Occupational Gender Segregation & Prestige Questions

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The exam will have 4 questions on it. You’ll need about a page (if you double-space) to answer each question. Don’t get too hung up on the length of your answers though; just be aware that I’ve never seen an answer that was complete in just 3-4 sentences. Most questions have multiple parts so be sure to answer them all.

You may use any sources, resources, or materials you want but Please cite your sources in your answers. You may use any citation format you want.

** You do not need to cite broad ideas or things we’ve discussed in class. You do need to cite specific findings or data points. For example, you do NOT need to cite the statement, “Conflict theory states that families of different social classes have different economic interests.” However, you would need to cite, “Socioeconomic class remains one of the strongest predictors of voting behavior even as marco-level economic changes have transformed the nature of middle-class employment (Evans, 2000) **


1. What is class identity? How is class identity different from social class as defined by wealth or income? Give two reasons why these two are different.

2. What is the relationship between occupational gender segregation and the pay and prestige of different occupations? How do sociologists explain this relationship?

3. What is the “retreat from marriage”? Describe what socio-demographic groups it affects and give two reasons why it is happening.

4. According to sociologists, what are three ways that the legacies of slavery and subsequent institutionalized racism have impacted Black families in the U.S.?

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