NCC The Old Plum Visual and Contextual Analysis Of Art Work Emotional Response Analytical Review

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I. Description of your emotional response to the work of art (About 1/2
II. Demonstration of your ability to describe the subject matter of a work of
art found in a local collection. (About ½ -1 page)
III. Demonstration of your ability to make a visual analysis of a work of art
in a local collection. (About 1-1/2-3 pages)
IV. Concluding statement to show how the manipulation of the subject and
form evoked your initial emotional response. (About ½ -1-1/2 pages)
Attached to this handout is a guide to prompt responses while looking at your
work of art. After having answered these questions you will want to carefully edit
and restructure those comments to make your paper as clear and coherent a
description of the work of art as possible. Please make sure that everything
that you write is in your own words. I am interested in your description and

Prof. Angela


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