Nairobi Democratic Citizenship in Byzantine Empire and State of Russia Question

I need support with this History question so I can learn better.


1] Re-read parts of Heater on the Roman empire that complete ch 2, so pp. 39-41.

2] read the textbook scan of 8 pages on the history of the Byzantine Empire (Byz Emp Pt 1)

3] read the two articles in the D2L module, Elusive Eastern Empire & the key article on the legacy of Byzantium by Alex Kazhdan

I want students to write up a 1-page note, say two or three paragraphs MAX, on this question. After reading all of the material, what do you think of Kazhdan’s argument for today? Do you still see a great deal of the Byzantine imperial heritage with the state if Russia to this day?

Prof. Angela


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