NA5 – Computer science

Please write answers to the below questions in word document separately and add 2-3 clickable references at the end of the document Course: Information Assurence: Discussion: What are some of the characteristics and operations of some of the malicious software that exists today? Your post should be at least 350 words. Course: Ethical Hacking: Discussion: Write not less than 400 words, Web servers are compromised for a number of reasons which may include any of the following: Improper file or directory permissions, installing the server with default settings, unnecessary services enabled, security conflicts, a lack of proper security policies, improper authorization with external systems, default accounts with default or no passwords, unnecessary default, backup, or sample files, misconfigurations, bugs in server software, OS, or web applications, misconfigured SSL certificates and encryption settings, administrative or debugging functions that are enabled or accessible on web servers or the use of self-signed certificates and/or default certificates. Select one of these compromises and explain how it could be avoided. Requirements: Mentioned in question

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