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Myths About Intelligence

  1. Charles Spearman articulated a powerful view of intelligence. Describe the theory of intelligence as articulated by Spearman. What are its main strengths and what are its weaknesses? Do you think his viewpoint on intelligence still applies today (why or why not?)
  2. Describe why the idea of ‘learning styles’ is a psychological myth? Is there anything about the concept that you feel can be saved?

Myths About Consciousness

  1. Describe why many psychologists believe that the idea that ‘hypnosis is a unique state of consciousness’ is a psychological myth.
  2. Many psychologists believe the idea that ‘dreams have hidden meanings’ is a psychological myth. Why might they be wrong? Is the evidence discussed in class and your text enough to completely reject this idea?

Myths About Personality

  1. What are the main problems with the idea that projective tests are a useful measure of human personality? What is a good alternative to using a projective test? What, if any, benefits are there to using a projective test?
  2. Is there such a things as evidence for an effect of birth-order on personality? Describe evidence for both points of view. What do you believe about this relationship?

Myths About Memory

  1. What are the most compelling reasons for you to reject the idea that human memory works like a recording device, storing faithful copies of what you have experienced? State the various pieces of evidence that have persuaded you.
  2. What is the Atkinson-Shiffrin model of memory? How does it work? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the model?

Myths About Emotion

  1. Why do we reject the idea that money creates happiness? Discuss this question critically. Are psychologists correct to reject the relationship between money and happiness?
  2. Many people are strongly tied to the idea that a positive mental attitude can prevent, or even cure, illness. In what ways might they be correct to maintain a belief in this phenomena? How might their belief be problematic for them?

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