My Life as a High School Student

My name is Mercedez JaNae Jordan and I am from Chicago. I am a very outgoing and passionate. I have been through a lot of obstacles in my life. I am taking this class to graduate on time and move forward in my life pursue my dream today. When I was little I my brother was almost kidnapped was a surreal and life learning. When I seen my brother being taken I was little but I still ran to save him.
It thought me that you can never be too sure of a person and to always be careful who you invite into your life. When I was about seven my mother and my father divorced and it hurt a lot of people and me of course. That taught me that nothing last forever also love isn’t always true happiness. When I seen my father leave the feeling was bitter sweet because my mom was relieved and you could see her happiness in a long time but also because my father was no longer there to lean on.
The last life surprise was my brother moving to California when I was like 13, I was so close to my brother it was sad to see him leave but it was the best for him. My brother needed a new start because he didn’t understand the value of him mistakes but he was my best friend so he no longer in my life was so surreal. I have seen a lot of things in my life that a lot of people will never see in theirs. I am 18 years old and have a lot of hopes and dreams and plan to accomplish every single one of them.

Prof. Angela


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