MVCC Extent of Mitanni Kingdom Map Description Analysis and Explanation

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1. Classify the map:

a. Identify the attached map by giving it a title, and placing a date or dates for it.

b. Type of map: The map shows a specific moment in time and situation, or it shows a historical evolution at different times, as a more complex process.

2. Description, analysis and explanation:

a. Describe and explain the contents of the map and its different elements, like territories, names, borders, other lines, dates or arrows represented and their interpretation and meaning.

b. Elaborate and explain the historical context that the map shows connecting it with the contents of the textbook or other sources. What happened in history to get to that specific point, what is the present situation that the map shows, and what are the consequences (if any) of that historical moment in the near future and/or later (if that moment, time or fact represented is relevant or not).

3. Conclusion/Evaluation:

Write a brief evaluation of the historical importance and significance of the period of time and place that the map shows, as well as the historical, social, or economic consequences (if any) of that particular time or age in that particular geographical scenario: if it is relevant or not, and how or why (if this applies).

Minimum extension: 2 pages.

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