MRKT 310 University of Maryland Target Market for Fenty Skincare Paper

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Please complete the attached assignment. The format is listed below. Thank you.


The assignment should be approximately four to five pages of double-spaced text in length. A page is approximately 250 words. You may attach exhibits if you wish. More pages are acceptable, however, fewer than three pages is not satisfactory.

Note that a percentage of your grade will be based on your grammar, composition, adherence to the submission requirements, and use of an appropriate college-level style guide for writing and referencing (APA format).

Prepare each assignment in Microsoft Word. Here are the technical requirements:

  • Use a simple 12-point font such as Times New Roman and black ink primarily. Use color where it enhances your ability to communicate your thoughts
  • A cover page is required. A references page is required. The cover page and references page are not included in the written analysis or the page count.
  • Be sure your name, writing assignment number, the date, and the name of your product or service are on the cover page of your writing assignment.
  • Use headings to separate topics (e.g., Part 1, 1. Creating Value for Customers)

Use a minimum of six (6) references, four (4) of them dated 2016 to the present. APA 7th Edition

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