Moral Commitments

Write a case study on a policy issue that is pertinent to your general topic. Analyze the case for its moral commitments (principles and judgments about right and wrong), the values that are at stake, and the world view conflicts (if any) at issue. In other words, you will be asked to explain what exactly is at issue, what the key moral principles are, and how each side argues its position. You will then be asked to address the issue and take a side, defending a position on it. Note, that you will need to examine the position against which you are arguing fairly and thoroughly so that you do not merely dismiss it, but demonstrate why it is wrong or insufficient. This commits you to showing why your position is either wrong or a lot stronger than the one you criticize.The policy issue you need to write the case study on is attached. The policy that you will be researching, writing and critiquing is highlighted in yellow.The assignment needs to be in APA citation and close to a 2000 words (+/- 10%). 

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