Montgomery College Mode as A Measure of Center Questions

Assignment Directions

  1. Answer the following critical thinking questions in this forum. Feel free to copy the questions and paste into your reply so that you cover each one. Use complete sentences and proper statistical terminology in all posts.


  1. When is it best to use the mode as a measure of center? Describe what type of data would lead you to choosing the mode over the mean or median. [1 sentence]
  2. If a set of numbers has a standard deviation of zero, what can you say about the numbers? [1 sentence]
  3. If a set of grades for a class has a large range and a small standard deviation, what can you say about the class? Include an interpretation that is specific to grades in a class. [2 sentences]
  4. Why is the median less affected by skewed data than the mean? [2 sentences]
  5. Is most data likely to be skewed or symmetric? There is no right or wrong here but discuss and take a side on the issue. [2 sentences]

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