MKTG 410 UB The Future of Marketing Advanced Research Writing Essay

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Assignment #2: The Future of Marketing

You are teaching a basic marketing class (think MKTG 301) in 2024, five years from now. You are providing an introductory overview to your students about what in marketing has changed and what is the same. I will post a couple of A papers from last semester.

As you write, remember that you are not a typical customer. You are a product of your generation, but other generations have lots of buying power. How are all the different generations enticed to buy products or services? Is it the same as it was in 2020?

Back up what you say with solid facts and data, not just your opinions. You may add a citations page.

You will only have two pages, approximately 1,000 words, 1.15 spacing (not 1.5), written in 11-point Calibri (or other sans serif font) with 1- inch margins on all sides, to present your thoughts.

Expectations: As a teacher, you engage your students through telling good stories, providing good examples of how the world has changed, so pretend I’m your student and engage me. Give me an explanation as to why marketing evolved to become what you describe. Think through what you want to say and get to the point but include enough information so I understand the context. Be specific. Don’t include filler just to ensure you have enough words.

Read this: Grammar and spelling count. You are expected to write like a senior in college. If it is not well-written, it will be returned to you to revise.

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