Mississippi State University The Meaning of Personal Belief Discussion

Question Description

Please write one whole page for each question

Question 1.

How does Perennialism affect my belief?

Be careful to take time to elaborate with reference to the details of
the philosophy and how it is reflective in your style. Use complete
sentences. I attached a meaning of the word

Question 2

Respond to the following scenario:

You are a principal and you would like for all of the seniors to
have mandatory service learning/community service hours before
graduating from your school. You have been asked to meet with the
school board to defend your request.

What will you tell the board to persuade them to support you in the
endeavor to incorporate service learning/community services hours as
requirement for graduation. Remember, you must give valid, strong
points about service learning. You MUST include learning styles (page
75) mentoring, service learning and assessment in your argument.

Be sure to refer content in the text when making your argument. If
your points are not clear and convincing, you lose points because I’m
going to ask so many question.

Prof. Angela


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