Mississippi College Use of Lasers in An Ion Trap Machine Presentation

Question Description

Address the following as it relates your instrument: (NOTE: not all of the following will be applicable to all of the techniques)

  • How the instrument works, including any background information (equations, etc.) needed for the audience to understand the topic
  • Advantages/disadvantages of the instrument compared to other methods
  • What is the accuracy and precision of your instrument?
  • What types of samples can be analyzed? Are their any special sample preparation techniques that need to be done to prepare the sample?
  • What format are the output results in? Do they need to be processed further?
  • o For example, UV-vis, will give a spectrum or an absorbance value at a specific wavelength. The spectrum can be used to find peak absorbances or general structural information about a molecule, while absorbance values can be further processed by analyzing standards and unknowns to prepare a standard curve in order to determine the concentration of the unknowns.

  • Include any additional information that is interesting/relevant to your topic
  • Requirements of the PowerPoint presentation:

  • Must have a title slide to introduce both the topic and the group members (depending on how you record your presentation the audience may not be able to see you, so you want introduce yourselves to match a voice with a name)
  • Include diagrams or schematics of your instrument
  • Include example spectra or output results for your instrument
  • Include short references (Author, year, Journal or website) references on the slide, and then have the full reference as part of a works cited slide at end of presentation
  • Have each slide clearly titled
  • Slides should be balanced between white space, text, and figures
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