Miami University Correlation Between the Predictor and Response in Context Worksheet

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  • Your job in this assignment is to clean up the knitted document so it resembles a short professional-looking report. 

    • An (incomplete) example report can be seen here. Note there is no code displayed, no R generated messages, warnings or output. All output is in a clean html format for readability. 
  • Make sure to do the following: 
    • Clean up the plot — add proper labels (with units, look into the expression() function to add special mathematical notation).  Tweak the plot size so it does not “dominate” the report.
    • Discuss the correlation between the predictor and response in context.
    • Provide a nice table of the fitted regression model coefficients with standard errors, lower and upper confidence limits, the t-statistic, and associated p-value (make sure to properly label the table).
    • Interpret the slope of the fitted regression line in MEANINGFUL context (hint: note the range on the “Specific Gravity” variable: 1 full unit is outside the scope of the problem). 
    • Provide a nice table of the summary statistics associated with the fitted model, including the residual standard error, the F-statistic and its associated degrees of freedom and p-value, the Adjusted R-squared, the AIC and BIC values.
    • Make sure all tables display the numeric values using a reasonable number of digits (at most 3 decimals should be reported)
    • Interpret the residual standard error and adjusted R-squared (you can treat it as R-squared for now) value in context.

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