Miami Dade College Positive Thinking Negative Thinking and Reframing Discussion

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  1. Your discussion should be in narrative format, not in a list, and it should be a discussion, not simple yes, no, or sometimes answers. It must be 250-300 words
  2. Your ORIGINAL POST on the Positive Thinking Questionnaire should include the information listed below. We recommend that you create your discussion in Microsoft Word, spell check it, check the grammar, and when it’s ready, click on “Reply” to the instructor’s originating thread in the forum and paste it into your reply message window, or you can type it into the message window directly. Be careful how you type it. This is not an instant or text message. It’s a college-level writing assignment. Use proper punctuation and capitalization! Both Word and the Blackboard editor window contain spellcheck features so be sure to spellcheck your work. You will be graded on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization in addition to the content. Submit college level work or it will cost you points! You will also be graded on the number of words (quantity) and critical thinking and analysis (quality) of your work and on the inclusion of all the required information. The required information is contained below:
    1. What was your test score and how do you feel about it?
    2. Analyze your results and list the possible reframes that you can use to turn around any negative thinking that may apply to you. Support your analysis with research from your reading of the textbook or external sources.
    3. Has completing this exercise changed your ideas about positive thinking, negative thinking, frames and reframing?
    4. Your opinion on this assignment: was the assignment helpful to you?
    5. What did you learn from this assignment and how can you use reframing to improve your attitude?

Please see attachment! those are my results and also there is more information there

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