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MGT2HRM Assessment Task 2 – Group Report Structure & Expectations
The following information is provided to assist your group with the writing and production of
Assessment 2, the Group Report on case study Evans Smallgoods. For specific information about the
actual Assessment 2 requirements, please refer to the Subject Learning Guide and the relevant tabs
under Assessments on the LMS.
1 Use the following report structure
• Title page
• Executive Summary (no more than 300 words)
• Table of Contents
• List of Figures (if required)
• Introduction to the Report [outlining the legal responsibilities that employers have to ensure a safe
• Findings and discussion [defining key concepts such as safety culture or climate; summarising the main
findings in the literature about how to improve safety outcomes in organisations, drawing on
appropriate academic studies and Government reports]
• Recommendations [and justification for each recommendation]
• Conclusion
• Appendices [if required]
• References
There are many different resources available to help you with how to structure your Report. Use the LTU
services available by searching on the La Trobe website, ask the Library, search online, or ask your tutor
if they have a structure to recommend.
2. What are the expectations?
In completing this Report, you must support your arguments and recommendations with relevant
academic literature, including reference to a minimum of twelve academic, peer-reviewed journal
All reference material must be appropriately cited in the text of your Report. The Report should
represent your understanding of the literature – so, please ensure that you write the Report in your own
words, and acknowledge the source of the information and evidence you are presenting. Direct quotes
should be kept to an absolute minimum. Document Preview:

M G T 2 H R M 2019 F r e q u e n t l y A s k e d Q u e s t i o n s Group Assignment Q: When is the assignment due? A: Monday 13 May, 5pm. Q: Where do we submit our assignments? A: Please submit your assignments via TURNITIN. Q: What referencing style do we use? A: The AOM Style. Q: How many references are needed? A: A minimum of twelve academic, peer-reviewed journal articles. All reference material must be appropriately cited. The references list will contain all the bibliographic details of the articles you cited in your group report. Q: Does the word count include the references list and executive summary? A: No, the references list and executive summary are not part of the word count.Q: Does this assignment have marking criteria like the first one? A: Yes, Group Assignment does have marking criteria. The criteria are on the LMS and students should be fully aware of what markers will be looking for in submitted assignments. Q: I have been searching for articles for our team’s topic, but keep finding sites where access is by paid subscription. What am I doing wrong? A: Try this: 1. Go the library website: 2. Click on ‘A-Z Databases / Journals’. 3. Select ‘Management’ from the drop-down menu. 4. You have several choices of databases. Let’s go with ‘Proquest Business’. 5. Enter your login and password if required. 6. This is where it gets experimental. Enter key words in the Advanced Search boxes. 7. Tick the box named ‘Scholarly journals…’ This will cut out newspaper and magazine articles. 8. Click ‘Search’. Depending on how specific / targeted / narrow your search is, you may find a frustratingly long list, or one which is close to what you were looking for. You may need to go back and modify your search terms (hence the ‘experimental’ aspect). In any case, you will find many articles have HTML and PDF versions. To shorten your list, tick the ‘Full text…



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