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MGT 502 Assignment 1B – Forming an Argument

Posted on: Friday, 5 July 2019 7:09:14 PM AEST

Hi all,

Below is a briefing note re Assessment 1B – Forming an Argument – that is due to be submitted to Blackboard on Thursday 25 JULY, 11:30 PM. The assignment is to be no more that a page (5-600 words).

For this assessment, you will essentially form an argument to express a point of view and support it with evidence.

The issue and supporting evidence for your argument should be based on the materials used in your Assessment 1A – the Annotated Bibliography.

When choosing a claim for the argument, consider the following:
Use the annotated bibliography material from Assessment 1A for sourcing evidence and ideas for your argument.·
Review the resources critically and select 5 to be used as references in this assessment.·
Write an argument (up to a page) considering the following:·
o a good argument is convincing whereby the premises are acceptable, the supporting evidence is relevant to the claim and provides sufficient grounds for acceptance of the claim
o make a clear point and justify it o write in an essay form with a logical structure.

Your assignment could take the following structure:

1. A short introduction with a claim.
2. Main body with a logical structure including supporting evidence from academic sources.
3. A concise conclusion which restates your claim and summarises your argument.

Finally please include a title page and a reference list using APA 6th style on a separate page.



Prof. Angela


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