MGT 323 Concordia University Irvine Product Packaging and Price Discussion

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Global Enterprise Paper. We are in a group and I was assigned to write about Wahoos Tacos Franchise and we are opening it to Norway. I was assigned a section to write about for about 2 1/4 page paper on product and packaging, and price.


– Product & packaging (Ruka)

(Choice of any protein)

-Citrus Slaw Taco

-The 1988 Taco

-Crispy Fish Taco


-Wahoo’s original target segment was aimed towards surfers with its affordable pricing.

-First founded in Costa Mesa, California.

Price (address issues of in-market cost/price-escalation) & Promotion (Ruka)

-All at an affordable price of just $4.67!

-Social Media Integration (Promote on Social Media)

-Buy 2 tacos get one free

-Free Delivery on Ubereats, Doordash, Postmates when you order within X minutes.

-We also can give special offers(such as cheaper tacos, or free drinks, chips,…) for Taco Friday nights to promote our product better.

*Promotions we can do to attract more customers?

Price Escalation- -As we can see from our Product Fit & Competition, the demand for the seafood compared to any other food type is much higher in demand.

-Thus, bringing in Wahoo’s will significantly attract customers in Norway which will then result in the cost to escalate.

-Stronger Demand/Higher Prices

Prof. Angela


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