MGT 20125 Southern New Hampshire University Management Plan Teamplate

You need to develop a management plan for the board that describes the company’s transition strategy.

To do this, download and fill out the Management Plan document, which you can find in the “What to Submit” section.

Before starting part one, read the Employee Personas document, which you can find in the Supporting Materials section. Review the characteristics of each person on the team and consider the makeup of the team. Then, complete part one by thinking about how the characteristics of individuals and team will impact group dynamics, behavior, and performance.

As you complete part two, consider how you will lead your new team. To provide useful guidance in your plan, ground your recommendations in theory and examples. Think about how each theory supports your leadership, cohesive team dynamics, and group behavior performance.

For part three, choose an appropriate technology to facilitate teamwork. First, evaluate two technologies, considering how they support your leadership of the team. Then, provide examples of how your chosen technology could be used to lead the team. Finish part three by explaining how the theory you chose supports your choice of technology.

When you have completed all three parts of the Management Plan document, you can submit it as your deliverable.

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