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 Every student should select a REAL-WORLD company to conduct research. The goal of this exercise is to practice employing the five-force model to analyze the competitive environment of a real-world company’s industry. Each student is required to make a presentation to the whole class. Each student will select a company from a non-repeatable list of firms that is designated by the instructor, i.e., each student will present a different company. Each presentation will have two parts: First, within maximum 5 minutes of presentation time, you should use PowerPoint to discuss at least the followings in an integrated manner:  Introduce the company and its industry  Discuss/identify the suppliers, buyers, potential/current new entrants, substitutes, rivals in the industry  Discussion of the five forces of the industry following the five-force model  Make an overall assessment of the competitiveness/attractiveness of the industry Second, the presenting student should host a Q&A session of approximately 3 minutes with the class – answering questions and trying to determine where they agree and disagree with your analysis. You should prepare to answer questions from me and the class. You should defend your position, but also be willing to incorporate good suggestions from the class. 

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