MGMT4002 A strategic implementation report using PayPal.Inc

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In this assignment, you should conduct a strategic implementation process for PayPal Inc. (NASDAQ: PYPL)

The strategic implementation report should be 15-20 pages maximum in business style format, single space, using APA format in full and in accordance with the University Policy on Academic Integrity.

For this assignment you will assess and analyze the organization’s strategic implementation processes inclusive of the following:

  • Leadership & Corporate Governance structure; o Stakeholders(internal&external)
    o Dispersion of Ownership
    o Composition of the Board of Directors o Governance mechanisms(internal&external)
  • Ethical frameworks, strategies, policies and practices; o Ethical framework / approach utilized
    o Ethical policies and practices employed
    o Overall approach to Ethics
  • Approach to and implementation of corporate social responsibility initiatives; o Major components of CSR strategy
    o TripleBottomLine/3P approach
  • Organizational structure & design
    o Existing organizational structure (type of structure) For this assignment you should organize your report by first providing a description / explanation of the topic area and the required components followed by the discussion and analysis. The discussion and analysis should speak to concepts such as:
    • How each item has or has not added value to the organization;
    • The implications of the choices made by the organization;
    • The alignment with standards. regulations and/or best practices; and,
    • Any suggested changes that will facilitate better strategy implementation.
  1. The final section of the report will focus on the strategic action required by the organization to address the issues identified in your discussion and analysis. (You should identify at least one key issue from each of the 4 topic areas).

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