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For Management 449, there are two (2) written case assignments. For the first, you may choose which case you desire to write-up from among the first group, cases 1 through 4. For the second, you may choose from among the second group, cases 5 through 8. Your write-up should focus on the issues/questions listed below the respective case. Use APA+page citations, e.g., (Dess, 112)

• Do not make a cover sheet.
• Do not write an introduction or background statement.
• Number and copy each question followed by the response for that point.
• The write-up should be three (3), 1.5 or double spaced typed and stapled pages (no more, no less)

in length, although additional pages of exhibits may be added.
• For due dates, refer to your syllabus and/or the Assignments sheet in Titanium.

While discussion of the cases in informal groups is encouraged, preparation of case papers should involve only your individual effort.

In all of your responses, make sure that you defend and support your answer/opinion – usually from your text!

  • 1.Dess states that for an entrepreneurial venture to create new value, three factors must be present. Describe the three factors as they apply to Akamai’s beginning.
  • 2.What is/are the competitive threat/s to Akamai?
  • 3.How should Akamai respond to its competition, especially new entrants?

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