MGMT 3301 UHCL Debate on Social Responsibilities of Corporations Discussion

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You must defend your position – do you Agree or Disagree with the proposition as stated? Search the internet to find resources to help you formulate your position. Do not forget to cite any resources used (you must cite at least two sources – cite more for a better grade). List all references at the end of your response. Include the citation (enough information to match it to the reference listed at the end of your response) at the appropriate place in your response (so I can tell how the reference impacted your thinking).

There are no right or wrong answers in these Debates – you must research the issue and form an opinion. Do you agree or disagree, and WHY? It is critical that you EXPLAIN your reasoning – how did you come to agree or disagree with the Debate issue? Your response should be based on more than your opinion, or how you feel. You need to clearly articulate WHY you hold a particular opinion or WHY you feel the way you do about an issue. Use personal experiences AND your internet research to support your assertions.

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