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Male and female leadership Name of student Institutional affiliation Author’s Note Male and Female Leadership Women friendly working environment attracts several benefits. However gender gap between females and males in workplace appears to be one of the controversial discussion attracting attention from the human resource fraternity almost in all industries (Kochan, Spencer & Mathews 2014). Some individuals are still on the old notions that males are born to be leaders where else females are expected to behave assistants who basically assists their effective functioning, and no at any single moment they are supposed to take authority over men. There are multiple other indicators which can be used t compare performance between both genders. As a human resource manager, you can’t wholly back the males or evaluate female leaders as well as backing gender based opinions (Cosgrove & Lee 2015). But, it is important to evaluate the benefits as well as disadvantages of a woman leader. Having worked under environment comprising of both males and female supervisors, I would identify differences between the two gender in terms of dislike and likes as well as advantages and disadvantages of each gender. Advantages of male leaders Generally male supervisors seemed to be less gossip as they did stay in groups as I used to see female supervisors do. Male leaders are straight forward while talking. Under my working place, I identified that male supervisors would get to the point very quickly without beating around the bush. Male leaders tend to understand our stand as workers under his supervision Disadvantages Male leaders One thing I did not like about the male supervisors is that they have a tendency of thinking that it is as if they are above the reproach as well as thinking they deserve more pay. Male leaders try to stereotype women in work place as emotional which may not be true for all female leaders (Cosgrove & Lee 2015). Advantages of Female…



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